Graduate Programs

Graduate represents an essential link in the methodology (Institute of Islamization of knowledge) and a prime focus in his scientific trends usualy the graduate has have more of Institute’s interest and it’s quest to develop and confirmations it . (Imam) for higher studies programs Based mainly on Courses and research system in master’s level, where the student must study four semesters combine liabilities rooting and specialty materials and research complementary, but for programs of PhD and Master by research. student must to study five curricula of rooting requirements.

In terms of the way the study, the graduate is divided into two sections:

Graduate research:
And is based on school attendance by searching only where obtain student master’s or doctoral degree in all areas of social and human sciences, and master’s and doctorate in the philosophy of science for the rest of the scientific disciplines. According to the regulations in force at the University of the island.

Graduate (supplementary decisions and research):
The Institute manages several MA programs in Sociology, Communication Science and Islamic education, accordance with the regulations in force at the University of the island, taking into account the following facts:

1. Admission requirements.

2. Requirements for obtaining a degree.

3. Courses.


date of adoption

students graduating

students Registered


Type of program

in 2000




master’s by courses and supplementary research

in 2005



Communication Sciences

– 2012



Islamic Education