Symposium of Man of Reason and Act for Fethullah Gulen

In cooperation with the magazine Hira Turkish the Institute of Islamization of knowledge (Imam) at the University of Gezera organized international symposium entitled “the man of reason and act for Fethullah Gulen ” in which gathered of scientists from Sudan – Turkey – Yemen – Morocco – Algeria – Egypt, in the Wednesday 27 / zero / 1334 AH 9 / January / 2013. The seminar aimed to highlight the role of intellectuals, preachers and reformers in social reform and the advancement of civilization, focusing on the experience of ” Muhammad Fethullah Gulen” and his contributions to the discussion of the most important issues of Islamic thought and his insightful vision contributed to the drafting and building the Islamic civilizational project. The seminar discussed a number of scientific papers are respectively (the issue of reform in the Islamic world: Fethullah Gulen as a model) by Dr. Khodjaly Ahmed Siddeq – Head of History circle- in IMAM, and paper (essential concepts in the dynamic of thought and deed) and presented by Dr.. (Nawzad Swash) general supervisor of the magazine Hira Turkish, and then a paper entitled ( from question of crisis to civilized act during model of service) Prof. Dr. Mohammed Baba Ammie / director of the Institute curriculum – Algeria The fourth paper is entitled (bridges Mr. Fethullah Gulen between thoughts and actions) and by Professor Dr. Fouad al-Banna from Yemen and concluded seminar paper entitled (the movement of service and innovation) and was presented by Dr.



Fethullah Gülen Chair 








Abdul Majeed Bo network of the Kingdom of Morocco