Memorandum of Understanding between IMAM, and Istanbul Foundation

Led Professor Ihsan Qasim Al-Salhi and Dr. Mamoun Fariz unit was Institute of Islamization of knowledge(IMAM) on a date with the thought of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi mark and thinker famous Turkish. visit began by words and greet by the Dean of the Institute who explaining the relationship linking thought Nursi case Islam knowledge and rooting Science.
visit program is brokered important lecture titled: “The efforts of Bediuzzaman Nursi in the development of Islamic Thought”, in which he talked Professor Ihsan Al-Salhi interpreter and ambassador messages light to the Arab world and Dr. Mamoun , and share the intervention both Mr. Saeed Ozd Ali and Dr. Khodjaly Ahmed head the circle of history and civilization Institute and a number of Institute’s researchers and university professors .. The visit concluded expectation agreement common understanding in the Office of the Director of the University between the University of Gezera and the Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture, and the two sides exchanged souvenirs.