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Director of the University of Comoros to visit the Institute

ithin his visit to the University of Gezera visited Professor Mohamed Rashad Ibrahim, head of the University of Comoros and his deputy, Dr. Said Burhan Abdullah, visited Institute Islamzation of knowledge (Imam) and was greeted received Dr Mohammed Babiker Al’awad(Imam) Dean morning Tuesday, January 15 at the Institute headquarters in Hantoub during the visit he know to the letter of the Institute and its programs, scientific and academic has revolved the relations between Lunar and Sudanese universities, and pointed Rashad to what distinguishes university graduates Sudanese students and professors Comoros of the superiority of scientific emphasizes the nobility of Sudanese universities. said we as a university emerging need to cooperate with the University of the island in various fields, especially the field of Islamic knowledge, raising saluteto HE Rector, who prevented conditions Palace visit without seeing him, from his part, Mr. Vice President of the University of Comoros that the university is emerging was founded ten years ago the national University Home in the Comoros, which confirmed the need for coordination and integration with universities ancient like the University of the islandin the areas of graduate studies and scientific research and exchange of students