About IMAM

 The Institute of Islamic knowledge (Imam) is one of Gezera university institutions had established in the twenty-fourth of December (1990) decision of the Council (University of the island) to be an institution of scientific research and graduate studies in the field of cognitive rooting,and work to :

  • rooting social and natural sciences and contemporary technology and employ them in order to achieve objectives stemming from the Islamic holy revelation.
  • produce the serious research in the field of (monotheistic’s cognitive methodology) based on the integration of the revelation, the universe and human.
  • Prepare generations of scientists; arming with Islamic science, through graduate programs.
  • Achieve insightful-communication with “Islamic cognitive heritage” and human thought. And employing the output of science the monotheistic (social, natural) in the study of reality in Sudan and diagnose the ills and characterization of the reasons for advancement.